Five Years Later . . .

The UUA has made its final report, as called for in our resolution. And they presented a 5-minute video to the General Session.

After his report, Treasurer Tim Brennan thanked me for giving them a “kick in the pants.” We called on the UUA to do the right thing, and they did it.  Again, it’s time to celebrate our work!

Having just reviewed my previous posts on this site, I see that we had over a dozen ideas of how to continue our actions, as leaders of the fossil fuel divestment movement within Unitarian Universalism.  We – Wes Ernsberger, that is – followed through on one of them – keeping this site up to date. Thank you, Wes.

This will probably be my last post to this group.  But before I go, I want to echo Rev. Peggy Clarke’s words, ” I am pushing for full-throttled UU participation in the Global Climate Strike on 9-20. I’m hoping to get it on the UUA agenda . . . and on the minds and lips of every minister the Sunday before. I hope you will all consider supporting and participating in the strike as well.”

I close with words from this year’s Service of the Living Tradition, quoted by Tim Brennan at the end of his presentation:

“I remember overhearing a caller to a radio show who asked the presenter what they could do, as one individual, to make a difference in the global climate crisis. I loved the respondents answer. The one thing you can do, is to stop being an individual. You have to join and work with others.” — Rev. Lindi Ramsden, Service of the Living Tradition June 20, 2019

That’s what this divestment work was about.  We worked together, and we helped make a reputational difference to the fossil fuel industry.  Celebrate!


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